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RAW Studio was founded in Shanghai in 2021 by Peiying Ren and Mingyi Chu.


Our designs are not limited by type or scale, from office parks, hotels and B&Bs, to the design and remodeling of old buildings, commercial and residential interiors, installations and furniture, from the outside to the inside, from the large to the small.


We start from exploring the possibilities of a site, incorporate observations and understanding of current culture and trends, and create unexpected yet natural experiences by organizing the spatial order and actively controlling the materials and construction processes.


We pursue the moving temperament of space, the basic logic of construction and the clear presentation of form.


RAW projects have been published in archdaily, divisare, frame, archnello and gooood.


#163, ChangShuRd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China

T: +86 15618319726 


Wechat: rawcontact

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